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About Molvi Kabir Khan

Molvi Kabir Khan is a world-famous name among Islamic scholars; he is well experienced in Quran and Ḥadīth; Molvi Kabir Khan is well educated from Sawlatiyyah Madrasah Saudi Arabia. He is a simple and down to earth personality and his life is fully dedicated to humanity. He is the best maulana in the world but hides his nature from others.

About Ya Wazif

Ya Wazif is a website platform started by Molvi Kabir Khan to provide help and support to humanity over the globe. Islam does not believe in boundaries; Islam believes in humanity; according to Molvi Kabir Khan, Islam is the only religion that supports peace and humanity. He wants to spend his remaining life-solving people’s problems. It is the only reason for evolution Ya Wazif.

Which Problems Solved By Molvi Kabir Khan?

Molvi Kabir Khan is an expert in Quran and Ḥadīth to solve life problems like love, marriage, lover, husband-wife, Talaq, court cases, family problems, money, etc. You can contact him via phone or WhatsApp; he will provide you with a 100% guaranteed solution.

Note: you must follow guidelines given by molvi sahib before reciting any dua/wazifa; otherwise, it may not work properly.

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